" It is a great program, offering fun, fitness and friendship. The appeal is that it's free, all inclusive and non- competitive. Everyone "moves" at his or her own comfortable pace. The program had inspired me to walk more whether it is in the river valley or around the neighborhood. I walk at  least an additional hour and a half each week.  I enjoy the camaraderie and very much look forward to our weekly meetings.

 - MOVE participant


" I started a few months ago and enjoyed the new feelings I was having about exercising more. Because of Move I decided to join a gym for 4 days a week. I expanded my keep fit program as Dr. Klein encouraged more activity the better for me in dealing with my weight and diabetes. A recent review by Dr. Klein showed I had improved my physical abilities in the last 2 years by 63%.I am now 67 and in better health from learning to exercise and watch my weight. Lost 3 inches off my waist."

- Don Clevett

"After seeing a brief clip on Global I had to check out MOVE!!!  I was well on my way of having an active life after over 46 years of not being well aquatinted with exercise and I really had no desire to become friends!!!   I have come to love going to MOVE each week for so many reasons!!!  Not only are we moving our body and physically becoming stronger but there's an entire social aspect to it as well!!!  I've come to meet not only the BRILLIANT facilators Dr Doug Klein, Mat and Jessica but the participants are all so friendly!!!  As there are people from all walks of life and fitness levels it is very easy to fit into the right level and get to know them!!!  I love being surrounded by the incredible beauty of the Esmonton River Valley as we take new paths each week then ending with our stretching and strength segment of the program!!!  I highly recommend the MOVE program to absolutely anyone who is looking to start or is already has a active lifestyle and for those who want to meet new people and get to know them as you walk yourself to better health!!!  It is a privilege to be part of the MOVE group and Edmonton is very fortunate to not only have dedicated professionals wanting to see persons achieve a more active lifestyle but an incredible beautiful River Valley that offers so much to motivate a active life in the out doors!!!"

 - Donna